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Unfortunately, accidents can happen. When it comes to your oral health, a little first-aid education can go a long way to saving your smile if an emergency situation does arise. Let’s address some common oral emergencies and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Biting your lips, tongue, or gums is often a minor accident. However, it can sometimes be a very serious one–even small cuts can lead to infection. If you are bleeding, wash your mouth out gently, with lukewarm water, if possible, then gently press a sterile gauze pad to the wound. If you continue to bleed steadily after a few minutes, go to the nearest medical center for assistance.

Though it is possible for teeth to be cracked and damaged beyond repair–in which case, a dental restoration may be in order– it is sometimes possible for your dentist to reattach teeth which have been knocked out. Keep the tooth or pieces of tooth moisturized; this is vital for reattachment success. Place the tooth in milk, or in a tooth-saving first-aid product, like Save-a-Tooth. Call your dentist at 956-242-0223 immediately and explain that you have a dental emergency. Describe it the best you can. Our team will coach you through what to do on your way to the office.

Other emergencies can occur while playing contact sports, eating crunchy foods or ice, or during basic daily activities. Using common sense can prevent many accidents. For example, wear a mouthguard during contact sports, and do not chew ice at the end of a drink.

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