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Successful orthodontic treatment requires you to maintain a clean and healthy smile to keep your braces in good shape and prevent any delays to your progress. Our team can help you develop orthodontic-friendly oral care habits to care for your appliance and your dental health. We offer some helpful tooth brushing tips to keep your braces and your teeth in pristine condition.

Remember to clean your smile every day and receive regular dental exams and cleanings from the dentist, as well as visit our orthodontist for orthodontic checkups and clean your orthodontic retainer at least once a week. These three tooth brushing tips can help you maneuver around your braces when cleaning your smile:

1. Rinse with water before you brush your teeth to remove any debris clinging to your braces.

2. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and floss away any plaque buildup at least once a day. Brush your gum line with your toothbrush bristles angled at 45 degrees to properly clean where the tooth enamel meets the gums, as well as the tooth area above and below your braces.

3. Discard your toothbrush every three months or as soon as you notice worn bristles so that you are always brushing with a quality toothbrush.

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