Gone are the days of creating dental impressions with gross putty and uncomfortable trays. It can feel difficult to breathe, irritate your gag reflex, and cause overall discomfort when having an impression tray in your mouth for minutes at a time. In addition, this old-fashioned method can result in inaccurate molds and create more of a hassle than most patients are willing to go through.

For these reasons, we offer digital impressions in Laredo, Texas, which make our patients’ treatments more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, the scanner used for digital impressions can be removed at any time you start to feel uncomfortable. When you feel ready, we can easily resume your scan instead of starting over.

The team at Menta Dentistry can then ensure your restorations, such as crowns or bridgework, are accurately sized before placing them. We can also decrease your appointment time with digital impressions, as they take only a fraction of the time that would be needed for traditional impressions.

We encourage you to visit our practice for your impression needs, since Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates can take your dental impressions quickly and with more accuracy than traditional methods. We invite you to contact our dentists today at 956-242-0223 to learn more!