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If you’re having trouble selecting the right dental floss for your oral hygiene routine, then our team is more than happy to help you. When it comes to choosing the best product, your preference is all that matters. So:

-If you are interested in cleaning between widely spaced teeth, then waxed floss or dental tape might be the products you need. The waxed floss is made of about 35 nylon yarn strands, and dental tape is just a broader and flatter version of floss. Both products can work around the teeth and gumline.

-If you’re interested in flossing between tightly spaced teeth, then waxed floss or polytetrafluoroethylene floss might be right for your oral hygiene routine. Waxed floss is a thin floss that is coated in wax. The wax helps make the floss stronger and smoother. Polytetrafluoroethylene floss is made of the same synthetic fiber used in high-tech rain gear. This helps it glide easily between the teeth and along the gums.

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