Menta Dentistry is pleased to offer digital X-rays to our patients, which enable our dentists to get a clearer picture of your mouth. With the use of a digital sensor, patients are able to feel comfortable as we obtain these needed images. It is with true convenience that we can instantly show you these images to thoroughly explain our treatment recommendations. This way, we can ensure you feel informed and satisfied with the treatment plan that is created based on your X-ray results.

Not only are digital X-rays easier and faster than other X-rays, but they are also healthier for the patient because they emit a significantly lower amount of radiation. Previously, film was used to create X-rays and required chemicals to produce or develop the images taken. So, digital X-rays are a safe and efficient way to increase the accuracy of every patient’s diagnosis.

Whether you are in need of surgical procedures or a restorative dental crown, we invite you to call our dentists to book an appointment and allow us to take care of your dental health with digital X-rays in Laredo, Texas. You can call our number at 956-242-0223. Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates hope to speak with you soon!