Imaging has never been easier with the intraoral camera that allows Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates to view a patient’s mouth! Since the intraoral camera is the shape of a small pen and is easily maneuverable, the many structures of your smile are photographed with ease. So, with this advanced dental equipment, our dentists can get a much clearer view of the inside of your mouth.

Even those with an untrained eye can better visualize the problems such as tooth decay or damage as a result of the high-quality and colored images taken with an intraoral camera. We may even use this technology to access your dentition after a treatment is completed. Intraoral cameras can also assist with ensuring that your treatment is achieved in the best way possible and allows you to gain a better understanding of the success and improvement that’s been made to your oral health.

Other specialists or professionals can also benefit from these images and because they are digital, we can easily share them with your other healthcare providers. For more information on how our team at Menta Dentistry uses intraoral cameras in Laredo, Texas, we ask you to call us at 956-242-0223. We are eager to help you today!