Braces are not just for kids; in fact, it is more common for adults to wear braces than one might think. Patients of all ages can benefit from getting braces at Menta Dentistry, whether their teeth are crooked or if there are other malocclusion conditions. For teeth that are more attractive, functional and straight, we can provide braces for all ages.

Our braces are made from materials that are designed to gently realign your smile into the desired positions. The brackets, wires and bands are placed carefully and are adjusted as your teeth move into alignment. Many of our patient’s malocclusions can be treated, including those with a crossbite, open bite, underbite or overbite. We can even provide ceramic (clear) braces so that your treatment is less noticeable than the traditional metal brackets.

We invite you to contact Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates to learn about the various types of braces in Laredo, Texas, that we offer for patients of all ages. With personalized and high-quality treatment, we ensure your time at our practice will be positive and fulfilling. We hope you will call our dentists at 956-242-0223 and give us a chance to help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile!